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EastCoast-Betting.com was created to provide complete online guide for sports betting fans and people looking for information dedicated to East Coast betting. We are a team of sports betting industry veterans and sports fans who have been waiting for legal East Coast sports betting to come to the US for many years.

We are super happy that legal online wagering is now here and want to share our knowledge, top tips, gambling strategy and share general news. We are still in the early stages of building our East Coast Betting brand, but our ultimate objective is to grow into a complete guide to gambling, advice on best places place bets to play casino games and provide exclusive bonus offers paired with objective view of US legal gambling vendors.  

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EastCoast-Betting.com puts user privacy and security first. We sometimes collect data from users browsing our website to help us improve and analyse our services, but this will never share information or use it illicitly for purposes not agreed by you. We promise to never loan, rent, reuse or sell this information, unless stated and/or agreed otherwise. Read more on our privacy policy here.

The content we provide at East Coast Betting is shared only for information and entertainment purposes. Our team of editors always aims to provide the most relevant, updated and informative content; however, we are not legal experts and therefore take no responsibility for its credibility. It is forbidden to use the content of this website for your own commercial gains or for any illegal activities or activities that might harm the good name of EastCoast-Betting.com.

Advertising Disclosure

EastCoast-Betting.com is an independent guide for everyone interested in betting and gambling in the USA. We do not own any rights to online casino operators but provide purely informative content, reviews, news and analysis of the gambling industry. The editorial process remains independent of products and services that we thoroughly discuss – no company, casino or individual has influence over the content we share with our readers. We do, however, reserve the right to offer advertising space to trusted partners and promote products or services that we believe have the highest value to our readers.

Online gambling in the USA is a hot new trend, with new states exploring online gambling, casinos partnerships and legal casinos launching on a regular basis. We want to make sure our visitors have high-quality information at their disposal when researching where they can gamble online in their home state on the East Coast.

The legal gambling age in the US is over 21 and this will be the mostly also case for online casinos across the country. The East Coast Betting team has compiled news, opinions and predictions on sports betting and online casinos in 2019. Check out this page that will be updated regularly to find out where and when you can gamble online on the East Coast.

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