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Live betting

Lately live betting has become more and more popular all around the world. Live betting means to make bets on a game that has already started. Therefore, it is a very dynamic way to play because the odds are changing all the time. This happens because the event is progressing bit by bit and one of the teams might be in control while the other is on their backfoot. Live betting makes it a bit easier to catch the bookmakers off-guard since there a lot of different factors to consider. It is also a more entertaining way to play because it is more action-packed.

There are many live betting markets

When it comes to live betting there are so many markets that you can basically bet on anything. The bookmakers expand their markets almost every day and you’ll quickly come to the same conclusion if you look around. Live betting is available on anything from Romanian handball to Iranian football which goes to show how many markets there are.

If you look at a specific football match there are a lot of things to bet on. Which team and/or player is going to score the next goal? Who will get the next corner kick or throw-in? Will there be any yellow/red cards and who will get them? The possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit.

Of course, providing the state you are currently in allows it, it is also possible to place live bets from your phone and/or tablet. This makes it a lot easier to place bets when you are watching the game either on TV or in the stands at the stadium.

The advantages of live betting

Live betting at the bookmakers has not always been possible. Back in the days you had to place all bets before the game started and after that they were locked. Today it is a completely different playing field. Nowadays you can easily wait until the game starts and then start scouting the different markets which usually is a big advantage. This is due to fact that you can see how the game progresses and keep an eye out for good bets. If for example the game is predicted to be very close you can watch the first 15 or 30 minutes before placing any bets. Thereby there is less risk involved with putting your money on the line.

Another advantage is that you can utilize the bookmaker’s dynamic odds. If you have spotted that a team is putting the pressure on the other team you have a chance to put down a bet before the bookmaker adjust their odds.

In sports where there are a lot of goals, like basketball or handball for example, it can also pay off to bet on teams that are behind. If a team is up by three or four goals in handball the odds on them will plummet – even if they were underdogs going into the game. If this happens early in the game, you can get a significantly higher odds on the favourite to win compared to pre-match.

This is also the case if for example Chelsea goes behind early against Burnley in the Premier League. The odds on Chelsea to win will skyrocket but they will still have loads of time to find an equalizer and maybe even a winner. In most cases underdogs who go in front early will still lose to the favourite so there is definitely money to made if this happens.

Live betting strategies

In this section we will look at some of the best live betting strategies which you can utilize.

Bet on the favourites

Usually people advise against betting on the favourites but when it comes to live betting this is not the case. At least not if you have the right approach to it. As mentioned earlier you must wait until a favourite goes behind to an underdog. This must happen in the early stages of the game though. If Real Madrid goes behind to Eibar in the 89th minute there is no reason to live bet on Los Blancos.

This is not the case if a favourite goes behind in the first half or first period (depending on which sport you are betting on). It is no disaster for Real Madrid to be behind after 15 minutes or if the New England Patriots are trailing with 10 point after the first quarter. If the favourite did not pick up any significant injuries (like Gareth Bale or Tom Brady), there is a good chance that they will mount a comeback. In most cases they will fight back and win the game.

If this is your strategy of choice you must do the due diligence before the game starts. This means keeping an eye out for injuries and line-ups. If Los Blancos goes into a game with all their biggest stars either on the bench or injury list, you should think twice before betting. The same is the case if they have lost three games in a row and are low on confidence.

Ensure your profit with sure betting

Another very popular strategy when it comes to live betting is sure betting. This requires that you place a bet (usually pre-match) and then later playing against your initial bet. The strategy requires some basic mathematical skills because the odds must be correct for this to work. Sure betting means that you will lose one bet but that your profit is guaranteed.

To give you an example of this strategy a player can place a money line-bet on the New England Patriots to win an NFL-game against the Los Angeles Rams (overtime included) at odds 3,00. When the Patriots are in the lead the odds on Rams will rise to 2,50. If you bet on the Los Angeles Rams to win now your profit is guaranteed. Either you hit odds 3,00 or odds 2,50. How much money you win depends on your stake. If you placed two $10 bets you can either win $5 or $10 depending on the outcome of the game.

Remember that the abovementioned example is a money line-market. If you are playing 1X2 there is always the possibility that the game can end in a draw. Remember this when trying to guarantee profits with sure betting.

Free bets

What is a free bet?

Free bets are also referred to by some bookmakers as risk-free bets. It generally means the same thing though; a free bet gives the player a possibility to place a bet without any risk involved. You basically place a bet and get your money back if you lose. These campaigns and promotions are very popular with a lot of bookmakers nowadays.

The typical rules of a free bet

Normally a free bet works like this:

  1. Place your bet
  2. Win and get your profit
  3. Lose and get your money back (or a new free bet)

It is different how various bookmakers approach the concept of a free bet. Like every other offer, there will be free bet campaigns and/or promotions that are more lucrative than others. Sometimes you must play for a specific amount before you’ll receive the free bet while other times, you’ll get it without any cost. Some bookmakers will give you a new free bet instead of your stake. Other bookmakers will just cover your losses.

A lot of the time there will be specific wagering requirements or odds associated with a free bet. For example, you must wager any winnings three times or play at odds 1,50 or higher to qualify for a specific campaign and/or promotion. Therefore, it is always a good idea to read the terms and conditions before you start playing. Also, keep in mind how you like to play before you decide to accept a campaign and/or promotion.

How to use a free bet

One of the biggest questions regarding free bets is how to use them. Of course, you want to maximize your profits when you have a risk-free bet. In the end, it comes down to your playing pattern; do you want to chase the big bucks or is it better to play it safe?

Because your stake is covered by the bookmaker this is the perfect opportunity to go for a bigger gamble than you usually would. If it doesn’t pay off, then you haven’t really lost anything, and you’ve gained valuable experience.

Chasing the big bucks

One approach to utilizing your free bets is chasing the big bucks. Here you would go for a riskier bet and higher odds than usual. The frame of mind is to win as much as possible since the stake is covered by the bookmaker. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to chase the big bucks with a bit of a gamble.

Playing it safe

Another approach to utilizing your free bets is playing it safe. In this instance, you perceive the free bet as an opportunity that cannot be wasted. Instead of chasing the big bucks you find a safer bet at lower odds and go with that. The frame of mind here is that all winnings count and that it is better to win a little bit of money instead of nothing.

Both approaches have their flaws and advantages. None of them is better than the other and it all comes down to what you’re most comfortable with. You can also switch it up depending on the terms and conditions from the different bookmakers.

How to get free bets

A few bookmakers have regular free bets which you’ll receive every time you place a specific bet at a predetermined stake. This is a rare case though. Normally most bookmakers will have free bet campaigns and/or promotions during big sports events like the World Cup or the Champions League. This is because there’s always a lot of interest in these competitions.

Most of the time you’ll receive a so-called ‘live free bet’ if you place a bet pre-match. It could be that you must place a $10 bet on the game before it begins and then you receive a $10 live free bet once it starts.

Free bets come in a lot of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: there are always some terms and conditions you need to be aware of. To use your free bets successfully it is very important to keep an eye out for terms and conditions because they vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

How to find free bets

As mentioned earlier some bookmakers have a lot more free bets than others. A good way to keep an eye out for new free bets is to subscribe to news from some of your favourite bookmakers. This way you’ll receive an e-mail if anything interesting pops up.

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