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Sports betting has been around for as long as people have played professional sports in the US. Placing a sports bet is when you risk a sum of money or potentially an item of value and bet on the outcome of an event to earn more money in return.

The nostalgia of heading to Las Vegas or a local horse racetrack to place a sports bet will always be there, making a pick, writing out a bet slip and placing a wager with the cashier. The freedom to make an online bet on whatever sport you wish is now possible after PASPA was revoked back in May 2018.

Sports betting advice

The East Coast Betting team loves the idea of being able to bet online, from anywhere and at any time of the day – something that suits our busy schedule. We are here to provide information on legal betting and our own expert (so we like to think) sports betting advice.

We can all enjoy waking-up from 2020 onwards and enjoy placing a Super Bowl sports bet online from the comfort of our homes or make a mobile bet in-play at our favourite baseball game. It’s not just sports that can be bet on, people place wagers on things like celebrity babies, predicting the weather, political outcomes and reality TV show winners.

The benefits of betting online are endless

Apart from the obvious advantage of being able to place a bet from your laptop, cell phone or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection and at any time of the day, there are some additional advantages when comparing online with brick-and-mortar casinos.

The high levels of competition between sportsbooks and the easiness that consumers have to find an alternative place to make a wager means that companies compete on best odds, bonus offers, odds boosts and betting markets.

Higher betting odds online

The odds are much better when betting online compared to using a live betting venue. When you find betting odds to be less at one online sportsbook, then you can easily shop around to find better odds at a competitor’s in seconds. The East Coast Betting team always recommends that you shop around for the best odds for your sport of choice before placing a bet at your go-to sportsbook to make sure they are fair. Online odds have to be in-line with the market to secure players and will adapt quickly if the odds shorten (get lower) or drift (get higher). So, make sure you bet fast if you find odds much higher than what they are elsewhere.

The odds available online will mostly always outweigh the best odds you can find at a retail casino sportsbook or racetrack, however, live venues from time-to-time have special bonuses and odds boost incentives to encourage players.

The main reason for lower odds at live venues is the much higher fixed costs associated to running a tangible business, such as paying for prime real estate, energy bills, live sports broadcast expenses, paying for betting terminal equipment and, of course, employee wages.

Online gambling companies have impressive customer services teams, live traders pricing up the best odds, a super secure private connection and work the leading online payment methods to provide fast deposits and withdrawals.

How to pick the right gaming company to bet online

When looking for the perfect website to play online, it’s a matter of finding an online gambling brand that delivers a slick user experience, regards player safety and more importantly covers your favourite sports and betting interests. Most avid sports fans like to bet on the teams they enjoy watching or favourite sports, so a starting point is to check the sports betting markets. The next phase is to check if they have any special promotions or odds boosts for the sports you want to bet on.

Gambling sites that partner with leagues or sponsor teams will have special betting markets. Different brands will partner with leagues like FanDuel NBA partnership or MGM sponsoring NBA games. Betfair sponsors leading European soccer teams such as Arsenal and Sevilla, which means they have exclusive competitions and betting markets.

The team at East Coast Betting will provide information on what a website has to offer to help you navigate through the forest of options out there and you can decide the best one for your preferences. When East Coast Betting reviews a legal New Jersey casino for example, we aim to do it meticulously and cover all areas for readers to show the most important information, game selection and bonuses. We have partnerships with the leading legal US betting companies operating and will review them in time for when they launch in your state.

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